At Kerry K. Gearin Family & Child Protection Law firm, we focus on Children First. We encourage parents to seek Parenting information at all stages of your relationship with your child/ren., including adulthood. Most judges understand that it is a sign of dedicated parenting to seek to improve. That's why this site has some Parenting Resources to help.

You can have Self-help Consultations, Legal Drafting or Full Court Legal Representation, whichever works for you. Some people need Full representation and other people benefit from "limited retainers" which set out what tasks the law firm takes on and what tasks the client takes on. This can save you a great deal of money.

Why us?

At Kerry K. Gearin Family Law, Clients can focus their Legal Budget to spend where they need the most help.

Not everyone needs a lawyer for each task. Some call this "limited retainer" or "unbundled" services.